Prologue: Paradise Planet

Along the same vein as Kurt and Sebastian Play SBURB, here is the prologue of another nerdy crossover I’ve attempted, between Pokémon and, of course, Homestuck, once more, with feeling. This work is mostly inspired by the infamous Indigo League anime and, of course, Pokémon Yellow, which was my first title on the Gameboy Color.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fanfiction using trademarked characters from both franchises.

Art by me (2019)

> Hello there.

Welcome to the world of Pokémon. A world inhabited by creatures and humans – and aliens – living and working together in harmony. For some, Pokémon are pets. For others, they are used for great displays of teamwork and strength in battle. For all, Pokémon are the guiding force behind events on Earth. Time, space, antimatter. Knowledge, emotion, willpower. These are the domains that govern the universe, that bind a trainer and its Pokémon in unity.

Our journey begins in the Alola region, made up of five islands: Melemele, Akala, Ula’Ula’ Poni, and Summoner’s Paradise. Though the hero of our narrative lives in present day Alola, in order to understand his story, we must first journey to the past, to figures of legend. The Dolorosa was the first of her alien race, known colloquially as trolls, to make contact and communicate with Pokémon. And to understand her story, we must journey to another universe entirely.

> Be The Dolorosa

Your name is The Dolorosa, you are the Grand Auxillatrix of the Alternanian Empire, and you are nearing the end of your lifespan. These have been dire centuries, spent under the cruel, violent rule of the Empress.

Over the millennia, your eugenics-loving Empress grew so disgusted with Mother Grubs producing lowbloods – in fact, in the brood that would be the last straw, a mutant was born and ordered to be killed – she destroyed the entire planet and all the young with it, with the help of The Grand Highblood. She, the surviving adults, and one last matriorb remained in space, continuing their imperial conquest over the universe.

The keeper of that matriorb is you. Privately outraged by the needless slaughter of youth, you are a double agent, looking after the future of the species on behalf of the Empire as well as furthering plans for the dispersion of said Empire.

You have in your possession, unbeknownst to your fellow Jadebloods, three young larval grubs that were part of the last on-planet brood: one fuchsia, one of your sign, and one bright red. You spend enough time alone with grubs, given your high authority, that you were around for these rare finds.

Of course, law dictated that you should disembowel bright red grubs on sight. But ever since the unjust hanging of your dear friend Neophyte Redglare, at the hand of the system that she dedicated her life to, you do not care much for law. Treason be damned.

So those unlawful grubs you keep close, in secret. As close as the eye you constantly have on the emergency release hatch for the matriorb, the escape pod in your quarters, and the lusii eggs you’ve been incubating for sweeps: two of each color, including one of a very important mutant strain. As soon as you got word from The Summoner that the rebellion was underfoot, you would break the hatch, and break free.

Your last report from The Summoner, Second Commander of the Cavalreapers, would be as follows:The bronzeblood was looking for “one last planet to conquest” – he had already been conquering on his own, but only those that were desolate, long devoid of life. Masking their locations on the Empress’s scanners by using rebel goldblood technology, it was on these planets he was setting up his troops. He was on his way to the last establishment, in the brink another universe, when he came upon Pokémon Earth, never visible to his naked eye before.

Mindfang’s journals, the best known historical source for The Summoner’s insurrection, say the bronze always dreamed of a place where Fiduspawn and trolls lived peacefully on a paradise planet. Little did he know it was humans and Pokémon, but finding that paradise would be the last and critical step in his resistance.

After sending the planet’s coordinates to you for safekeeping, The Summoner calls his armies to rise. With a stolen quarter of the Empress’s ships and troops, they cloak themselves in their technology until they arrive to ambush her Fleet, once and for all.

The galactic civil war would go on to wipe out 99.9% of adult trolls, including The Condesce herself, and The Summoner. History books say The Grand Highblood was also killed, but almost any of today’s Earth Subjuggulators would tell you that he’s still alive somewhere.

You are the only confirmed adult survivor of your race. Redglare told you this fate once, one of her many prophecies, but perhaps, you had too much hope in the revolution to believe it.

You have been in your escape pod for two sweeps since, slowly traveling towards the edge of your universe. In a proper ship equipped with the speed of light, it would only take days. But alas. You enter the starboard chamber of the ship, where Feferi, Porrim, and Kankri are resting. The lusii eggs lay snug between them, warmed and incubated by the heat of their bodies. Everything you’re doing will be worth it, for them.

When your ship arrives in range of the coordinates, you cannot see the planet. Temporarily distressed, you almost turn on the communication dashboard. You miss The Summoner so.

Suddenly, your ship is approached by a strange spatial creature. These must be the Earth Fiduspawn he mentioned. Sleek, orange and teal tendrils make up its body, its eyes deep and dark. It floats before your windshield, staring at you in wonder.

And then, you hear its intelligent voice. Somehow, this being uses telepathic signals that you can discern. It asks you why you are here, so you explain your race’s plight. The Pokémon understands. Tells you it will communicate with other mythological beings like itself, and get back to you.

That it does in a matter of hours, leading you and the future of your kind into the new realm. Now that Deoxys has sensed your character, your trust, you can clearly see the atmosphere, blue and bright and lush.

Deoxys brings you to a scattering of islands, where Tapu Koko, Tapu Bulu, Tapu Lele, and Tapu Fini are assembled, awaiting your arrival. The Alolan Guardians are especially empathetic to your stories of war, having waged such war amongst each other in the past, and welcome the birth of the matriorb on their islands.

You, however, will not stay in the new world long. You know it’s almost time.

After giving you a crash course in the English language – much simpler than your own, no trouble for your ancient mind – the Guardians lead you to meetings with human leaders around the world, where you verbosely tell them of your history, over and over, regretting every story that leaves your lips. The human world can be violent too, you learn, and Pokémon major sources of natural disaster, but none of it is at your scale of brutality. You can tell by the humans’ wary, sympathetic stares. Some even cry, though you aren’t sure if it’s in admiration or fear.

But you impress upon them, thoroughly, that you are escaping such violence. That you will not see your progeny carry the same curse. That you are not hatched to kill.

Peacekeeping laws are drawn up with regional governments, with the mediative assistance of the Guardians, such that humans could not interfere with troll reproduction on Alola, and trolls could not reinstate the hemospectrum hierarchy. The young would be given a chance to prove themselves, to integrate into society, and would be given all the rights of humans. Some traditions of your planet would remain, such as schoolfeeding processes, biological necessities like sopor slime, and the duty of Jadebloods to raise the Mother Grubs. 

You take care of Feferi, Kankri and Porrim through their cocooning. In a laboratory space provided by the Guardians, on an artificial island called Aether Paradise, you begin writing journals to them in your native tongue, the basis of their future education. On the day of their pupation – the day the lusii eggs hatch, as well – you feel the life being lifted from your body at last. You are so weak, you cannot even hold them.

You cannot explain to them, either, what death means. That you’ll never see them again. You tell them to stay strong, to always know peace, to always remember. Honor the heroes who died in the revolution, honor the land you’ve been given, honor Pokémon and humans as friends. And above all, love without fear.

> 25 years later

Trolls in the Pokémon world are still birthed by Mother Grubs every sweep, where a sweep is only one year, a synonym for the species’ symbiotic passage of time. Voluntary genetic material collection is conducted in Alolan cities and towns to donate to the birth of a new Grub. It’s considered an honor to donate, but no young adult is forced to.

On the day of The Dolorosa’s death, she was given a grand procession on Aether Paradise, after which the island was renamed Summoner’s Paradise, one of her last requests. As such, matriorb hatching still takes place at Paradise, organized by a passionate generation of young Jades, and bolstered on by Feferi Peixes, the youngest Alolan Governess in history.

Trolls and humans alike learn the history of Alternia in schools. While most students of both species view The Dolorosa’s stories as a cautionary tale, there are some trolls who wonder what would’ve been. Given that their biology is suited to that lifestyle, why not make more of an effort to return to it? Why not, say, believe that the hemospectrum does have a hierarchical order, that alludes to more than just longer lifespans and stronger psychics? Feferi has maintained that all blood colors are created equal, and that adopting human societal rules is “the least we can do, as guests.” But a scattered, rising dissension has been spreading.

As has always been in Alola, instead of a Pokémon league, there are two competitive rounds called trials, and one final test of your strength against the Island Kahuna. Trolls quickly proved their skill with Pokémon as soon as the first brood was old enough to train, many using their psychics to strengthen the bond of their teams. It’s not uncommon to find an Island trial that consists of only trolls, in fact.

On Ula’Ula’, for example, you first face silent trial leader Kurloz, who commands a totem Mimikyu in a former abandoned ghost town, which Alolan Subjuggulators restored and brought whimsy to. Trial leader Meulin, whose Pokémon all have the ability Soundproof, has developed a vicious synergy with her team, despite not being able to hear herself. And Kahuna Mituna suffered brain damage from overuse of his psionics in his teens, but don’t doubt the power of his dual totem Meowstic, or his quick bifurcated tongue.

While all trolls are hatched on Alola, many have begun to migrate freely to mainland regions. Since Kanto is the home of the original Pokémon League, it’s become popular in troll culture to move there once you’ve reached adulthood. Or better yet, at ten sweeps, when you’re of age to leave your lusus and begin your Pokémon journey.

Some trolls are perfectly happy spending their entire journey on the islands. Others choose to leave for new adventures, and still others are called by destiny to other regions. There is one such troll, who goes by the name of Karkat Vantas, who was called to Kanto not just by destiny, but by the power of two mysterious mythical Pokémon, battling in shadows.

It is only on his twenty second wriggling day that he’ll receive the call. Leaving his childhood hive in Malie City, followed by a loyal Growlithe, Karkat Vantas heads to Port Ula’Ula’ with a one way ticket on the S.S. Cinnabar. Though he goes in search of a long lost friend, his very own legend is about to unfold.

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